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ODB Customer Flasher

Powergate 3 – The Chiptuning end customer flash device

Only 799,00 Euro incl. Tuning software for your vehicle!

What is the Powergate Alientech Flasher?

With the Alientech customer flasher it is now possible for the customer to install our tuning software at home. The flow:

  • The customer orders the flasher with the desired software level.

  • As soon as the flasher has been delivered, the customer can read out the current data status of his vehicle according to the description supplied. Then connect the flasher to the PC and transfer the data status to the PC. This data status must now be sent to us by email.

  • Within approx. 1 – 2 hours the customer gets the optimized data back from us by email. Then reconnect the flasher to the PC and transfer the optimized data status back to the flasher.

  • Now the customer can reconnect the flasher to the vehicle and install the optimized data status on his vehicle.

  • The customer can then restore the vehicle to its original condition at any time (e.g. during maintenance or sale).

  • The optimized or original data status can then be played on the vehicle at any time. As often as you want. The advantage is simply that the customer is flexible and can simply play the original software on it in winter or even before the workshop visit, as the customer would like and the customer can save long journeys to us.

The flasher is the property of the customer and can also be used for the next vehicle. After installing the tuning data, the customer flasher is coded to the chassis number and can no longer be used for any other car.

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After you have programmed the vehicle back to the original condition the customer flasher is free again and can be used for another car. before a workshop visit the vehicle should be programmed with the original software since in case of a software update the customer flasher does not recognize the control unit any more and thus becomes useless. On the customer flasher, you can store up to 3 software versions e.g. 1x original version, 1x tuning file V1 1x tuning file V2

Included in delivery:

  • 1x OBD customer flasher incl. OBD cable and USB cable

  • 1x illustrated instruction manual in German

  • 1x invoice with declared VAT

Optionally available:

  • 1x Tuning V2 (Economy- or Sport tuning)

  • 1x Warranty on motor gearbox (see “Warranty”)

The options can also be ordered at a later date.

Available in the online shop

Technical features

Look: Elegant, carefully thought-out and attractive design.

Size: Smaller and more manageable than before, thanks to its practical and compact design. The dimensions of the new PWG3 have been significantly reduced and its maximum weight is 140 gr.

Display: A larger touch screen with high resolution and more brilliant colors.

Memory: Remarkable RAM expansion from 8 MB to 256 MB, with a corresponding increase in the computing power of the main processor to 32 bits. Powergate 3 can contain several other map edits in addition to the original file so that the user always has the option to select the most appropriate map edit and program the engine control unit.

Safety: Powergate 3 is a safe instrument because it checks before starting work whether the capacity is sufficient to complete the work: in case of malfunctions, the process is not even started.

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